About us

CI brings together years of expertise to provide innovative and personalized solution for your platform and industries. Our technologies are powered by AI and continuously adopt to your needs, while maintaining the security and customer satisfaction. To enhance the efficiency of the product, we combine expertise from different fields of industrial automation, voice technology, natural language processing, computer vision and  data analytics.


The Cognitive Insight’s goal is to invest its effort more on research to enrich our knowledge, which results in enriching current state-of-art in human sciences (e.g., computer science, health and behavioral sciences). In order to make a wider impact in human life Cognitive Insight’s aims to develop research-leading applications. This is not what Cognitive Insight wants to end, it is also aiming to build human capacity who will lead generation to generation to enrich human knowledge. Cognitive Insight wants to create experience for its users with its determined passion and purpose.

“Enabling individuals and companies with AI capabilities”



Dr. Nurul Absar Chowdhury is professor, and a former dean of Islamic University of Technology (IUT). He has been a professor Islamic University of Technology form 1996 to present. He was a National Consultant (Deputy Chief Training Coordinator) in World Bank Retraining Project from Jul 1995 to Dec 1996 and Assistant Mechanical Engineer Bangladesh Machine Tools Factory from Mar 1983 to Jul 1995. Prof. Chowdhury is the Chairman and founder of Cognitive Insight Limited.